This plugin comes with 6 months of support and free updates. After 6 months you can extend the support coverage. When the support period will be expired we will still provide help for bug reports, updates and basic setup informations.

How to get support:

1. Get your Themeforest purchase code

2. Sign up to our Helpdesk using your Purchase Code and Envato Username obtained before

3. Please read the manual before creating a ticket for topics already covered here.

4. Use the search engine of the Helpdesk to find similar topics: most of the times each new request has been already covered by other customers, so you may find your answer in a much shorter time.

5. If you don’t find any answer, open your ticket here.

The support service doesn’t cover any request that requires to edit the theme’s or plugin’s core files, unless you encounter any bug which we will fix as soon as possible.

For more details about the official Envato support policy please check the document at:



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