10. Widgets

This plugin adds the following widgets: Chart widget OnAir widget Upcoming Shows widget To use the widgets, go in Appearance > Widgets and place them to the sidebar you want.

09. Plugin Shortcodes

To display the schedule, show info, current track and more, we provide many useful shortcodes. Is recommended to edit the page using the WPBakery Page Builder plugin provided with the theme in order to use the shortcodes, as it makes the job much easier than using the shortcodes manually, but […]

03.1 Airtime PRO Settings

You will need 2 things: The mp3 stream URL The song feed URL 1. MP3 stream URL: First of all, visit http://YOUR_USER_HERE.out.airtime.pro:8000/ Download the m3u file, and open it with a text editor: You will see a URL address in the file. Copy it and add #.mp3 at the end […]

08. Schedule troubleshooting

While creating your schedule, you are setting up a very complex grid of data. We often receive support requests about schedule malfunctioning, and every time it turns out that there is some misconfiguration, so we want to help you in advance with some useful tips about your schedule issue: OnAir shortcode […]

04. Music Charts

What to know You can create unlimited charts A chart is a list of tracks, each one with its own mp3/soundcloud/youtube sample, picture and buy link Every chart can have unlimited tracks You can embed a chart into any other content (page, post, show…) to do so, see the Posts […]

07. Schedule

Schedules are lists of shows (or events) with a timing connotation. Important things to know: A schedule is a list of shows A schedule can represent independently a specific date (23 March 2019) or one/multiple recursive day/s of the week (like Mondays or Mondays + Tuesdays) A single schedule day […]

06. Shows

How to create a new show: Click Shows -> Add New Fill in a title, description and genre(s) Featured image: is the picture used in the schedule and as main image in the show page. Suggested size 1600x900px. Short show description is used in the schedule. If missing, an excerpt will […]

05. Radio Shows and Schedule

This theme allows to create a full working weekly or monthly schedule of the shows. Shows The shows are custom post types used to compose a schedule. The same recurring radio show can be repeated unlimited times across multiple days. Full documentation about radio shows. Schedule The Schedule are a […]

03. Radio station channels

You can play any valid public mp3 stream via the Kentha Player. Important: this feature requires you to have a normal MP3 stream url, such as Shoutcast, Icecast, Radio.co, Wavestreaming, Airtime, Shoutca.st or similar. Click Radio Channels > Add New Compile title and content MP3 stream URL: your radio streaming […]

02. Installation

Prepare the requirements Unzip the product package provided from CodeCanyon Go to plugins > add new > upload and upload only the zipped plugin which you find in the unzipped product folder Activate the plugin You’ll see the new post types appearing on the left


This plugin comes with 6 months of support and free updates. After 6 months you can extend the support coverage. When the support period will be expired we will still provide help for bug reports, updates and basic setup informations. How to get support: 1. Get your Themeforest purchase code 2. Sign up to our […]

01. Requirements

Important: this plugin is NOT a standalone software. It’s an extension to add radio station functionalities to the WordPress websites running the latest version of the Kentha Music WordPress Theme. This plugin requires the following: MySql 5.6 or higher PHP 7.1 or higher WordPress 4.9 or higher Kentha Music WordPress theme […]

Increasing maximum file size upload limit in WordPress

1. add this in the .htaccess file of your server php_value memory_limit 128M php_value post_max_size 128M php_value upload_max_filesize 128M php_value max_execution_time 1800 2. add thiss to wp-config.php define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’); 3. create a text file, call it php.ini and put this text in it: upload_max_filesize = 64M post_max_size = 64M then […]