08. Schedule troubleshooting

While creating your schedule, you are setting up a very complex grid of data.

We often receive support requests about schedule malfunctioning, and every time it turns out that there is some misconfiguration, so we want to help you in advance with some useful tips about your schedule issue:

  1. OnAir shortcode or upcoming shows don’t appear: please edit your shortcode and try deleting the schedulefileter parameter. It’s needed only for multi-radio websites.
  2. In the schedule some days are missing:
    Edit all your schedules and be sure that the checkbox for the corresponsing day of the week is checked correctly
  3. I see only few shows:
    Please be aware that the theme can only display the upcoming shows until the midnight, so if you have only 2 shows before midnight, only 2 shows will appear
  4. I don’t see any show, schedule, upcoming show, on air show
    Go in Appearance >Customize > Radio Settings and disable “Monthly Schedule”
  5. The time is wrong, the theme is showing the wrong show
    1. Go in Settings > General and check actual time and your current timezone
    2. Be sure that the time in your server is correct (common issue, ask your provider to check)
    3. Edit your schedule and verify that the time for the shows is correct and they don’t overlap
  6. Shows from 23:00 to 01:00 don’t appear: a schedule can only go from midnight to midnight. You can set a show till 01AM but you need to repeat that show in the schedule of the following day from 00:00 till 01:00.

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